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Applied Hebrew

Learn Biblical Hebrew with a focus on application so that you can incorporate Hebrew insights into your daily Bible reading.

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Learn Hebrew

No previous knowledge of Hebrew is required. This unit is designed to immediately delve into rich nuances of the original Hebrew text. Have more satisfying daily Bible reading, teaching, and preaching without memorization with Applied Hebrew

Applied Hebrew

Students at the beginning will be taught about about the language and given vocabulary to learn. In later lessons, this knowledge will be applied with the use of the interactive Discovery Bible Software (which students get for free). Students will go through many Bible passages where they will use the tools and knowledge they have been given to draw out the nuances of the Hebrew Scriptures.

Applied Hebrew alone is valued at $399 USD while Discovery Bible Software is regularly sold for $349.

Go At Your Pace

Choose to take it slow or go through it multiple times at a faster pace. The course materials become available as soon as you enrol. You can get started instantly, continue through the content each day, and revisit the materiel whenever you want if you’d like to revise.

All Access

Applied Hebrew is available through the browser. After enrolling, all you need to do is log in to get access to all the material, and this can be done on any device! Desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet… you choose.


Free License to Discovery Bible Software

Developed now for over 40 years (and counting), Discovery Bible Software gives you the tools you need to read scripture through Greek and Hebrew eyes. 

With this course material, the help of Drs. Korman and Hill, and Discovery Bible Software, your daily Bible reading will be brought to life. 

Discovery Bible Software is normally sold for $349 but when enrolling into Applied Hebrew, you receive a full version of the software for free as it is the key resource in this course.

Your Teachers

Senior lecturer at Zera Avraham Institute based in Israel. Founder of Love Israel. Faithful Old Testament scholar.

Dr. Baruch Korman

Founder of HELPS Ministries. Creator of Discovery Bible Software. Friend and student of Dr. Gleason Archer, Jr for 30+ years.

Dr. Gary Hill

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Dr. Baruch Korman of Love Israel and Dr. Gary Hill of HELPS Ministries team up as a power duo in Applied Hebrew, enabling students who have never studied Hebrew to bring this beautiful language into their daily Bible reading. The first 10 lessons are taught by Dr. Korman and the following lessons (still to be added) are taught by Dr. Hill and the HELPS Ministries team.

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Applied Hebrew

Learn to use Biblical Hebrew devotionally in your daily Bible reading. See thousands of untranslatable insights without needing to rote memorise.


The above $748 price is inclusive of the course valued at $399 and Discovery Bible Software valued at $349. Discovery Bible Software is 100% off in this offer, hence a total price of $399.