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What is the Kingdom Hope Community

Equip yourself and begin to strengthen your walk with Bible courses by world-class and faithful teachers of The Word.

Through Kingdom Hope Community we can bridge your academic education to your personal development and spiritual growth according to biblical principles. Through our online studies you will have access to some of the world’s leading eminently qualified academic teachers instructing you on what they know best.

Our Courses

Start acquiring skills that will foster effective Bible reading! 3 courses are currently available. Applied Hebrew, Biblical Narrative, and Biblical Poetry heighten your Bible reading ability.

Coming Soon Courses

Major Messages
From The Minor Prophets

Use your Applied Hebrew skills in a detailed, verse-by-verse,
video unit of study through
the books of Jonah, Nahum, and Amos.

Most Popular

Applied Hebrew

A large portion of the Bible is Narrative.
By learning how setting, characterization,
and plot, play their part in this literary genre,
you will be able to more deeply appreciate
the Bible as Literature.

Your Teachers


Dr. Baruch Korman is an Old Testament scholar and is the senior lecturer at the Zera Avraham Institute based in Israel.

Dr. Baruch Korman


Dr. Gary Hill is the General
Editor of The Discovery Bible
and received his Baccalaureate
degree in Education from
Chicago State University.

Dr. Gary Hill


Dr. Jerry Horner served as past
Dean of Regent University and Oral
Roberts University. He earned his
Doctorate at Cambridge
University in England.

Dr. Jerry Horner


Dr. Leland Ryken
is a professor of English Emeritus
at Wheaton College. He received his
Ph.D. from the University
of Oregon.

Dr. Leland Ryken
Academic Dean & Teacher


Dr. Eugene Merrill
is a renowned Bible scholar
and taught at Dallas Theological
Seminary for 38 years until he
retired in 2013 as Distinguished
Professor Emeritus of Old Testament Studies.

Dr. Eugene Merrill
Dean of Biblical Languages

The Goal

College Accreditation

Currently, the courses offered
in the Kingdom Hope Community
have no official accreditation. Our hope
is that Kingdom Hope Community will grow
and one day offer these courses with accreditation
as Kingdom Hope College. Of course, even with
Kingdom Hope College launched, Kingdom Hope
Community will run in parallel for those who do not
need accreditation. Also, if you purchase a course
now, and would like to get the accreditation
when it is available, the money you have
already paid will be taken
into consideration.

Until that point, please pray for us as we continue
to develop more course content and work
with accrediting associations to give
more options to our students.

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